On 29/11/2023

Council members hope a private town hall improves communication between the public and police.

The event's organizer, Andre Chabot, expressed his hope that it will lead to a "frank and honest discussion" between the public and police on Wednesday.

On 13/10/2023

Goodbye DVDs? Best Buy intends to eliminate DVDs in the upcoming months.

Best Buy is expressing farewell to film watching with actual discs.

The consumer gadgets retailer intends to get rid of its DVD and Blu-ray deals by mid 2024 — with actual motion pictures set to be sold in-stores and online as they are today through special times of year, Best Buy affirmed to The Related Press Friday. Computer games won't be influenced.

On 29/06/2023

The wholesale giant Costco Implements Stricter Measures to Prevent Membership Sharing

In a bid to maintain the integrity of its membership program, Costco Wholesale Corporation has recently announced its decision to crack down on membership sharing among its customers, the company will be implementing stricter measures and monitoring practices to ensure that only authorized individuals are utilizing their memberships.Img 0033

On 22/06/2023

Summer Delights: 15 Exciting Activities to Experience in Vibrant Calgary!

Welcome to our guide on the top 15 fun activities to do in Calgary during the summer! Known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant city life, and friendly atmosphere, Calgary offers a plethora of exciting adventures for visitors of all ages. Whether you're seeking outdoor thrills, cultural experiences, or family-friendly outings, this bustling Canadian city has something to offer everyone. Join us as we explore the best summer activities that will make your trip to Calgary an unforgettable one. From exploring the wild beauty of Banff National Park to immersing yourself in the rich history of Heritage Park, get ready to dive into the exciting possibilities that await you in this vibrant city. Let's dive in and discover the wonders of Calgary during the summer season!

On 22/06/2023

Is Amazon Robbing Its Sellers? Amazon Faces Allegations of Unfair Practices.

In recent weeks, Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has come under scrutiny as allegations of unfair practices and potential theft from third-party sellers have surfaced. Sellers on the platform are raising concerns about the treatment they receive and the impact on their businesses, leaving many to question whether Amazon is taking advantage of its dominant position in the market.

On 24/05/2023

Understanding Business Entity Abbreviations: LLC, LTD, INC, and CORP

In this article, we will explore the commonly used legal abbreviations that indicate different types of business entities. We will delve into the meaning and significance of each abbreviation, providing a comprehensive understanding of what LLC, LTD, INC, and CORP represent. By the end of this article, you will have a clear grasp of these abbreviations and their implications for business owners.

On 05/05/2023

Breaking the Stereotype: World's Successful Uneducated influential Leaders Who Defied Formal Education Norms in the History

It's important to note that education can take many forms and there are various ways to define and measure a leader's "education." That being said, here are five powerful influential leaders who are often considered to be uneducated or have minimal formal education kin the history:

On 24/04/2023

Calgary's top 5 famous restaurants you must visit

Based on popularity and reviews, here are the top 5 famous restaurants to visit in Calgary:

On 18/04/2023

8 top travel destinations for french speakers in 2023

Since the travel restrictions as been lifted, I do not have personal opinions or preferences. However, based on travel trends and recommendations from travel experts, some top destinations for French speakers to visit in 2023 are:

On 14/04/2023

The best cities to raise a family in Canada

Canada has many cities that offer great opportunities and a high quality of life for families. Here are some of the best cities to raise a family in Canada: